Raul "The Flying Squirrel"

Your average humble, quirky, athletic halfling.


Raul left his halfling homeland in the north years ago to make money for his poor family. His mother and father had high hopes that he could gain an apprenticeship, so they sent him with what little money they could spare to the human city of Arballa. He eventually found work as a hatter’s apprentice, but he didn’t have the talent for it. His mentor realized this, too, and he eventually relegated him to more menial tasks. He was a kind hearted old man, though, and he still offered Raul a place to live under his roof.

His mentor took him to a local circus troop one night after a hard work week. Raul was so excited by the feats of athleticism he witnessed that night that he decided to join them. Ever since that fateful night, he’s trained as an acrobat, earning the nickname “The Flying Squirrel.” His fans are attracted to his show due to his smaller size and amazing trapeze and high wire act.

He certainly stands out in a crowd (or doesn’t as the case may be) due to his size. He has been mistaken for a child in the past, but it usually does not bother him. In fact, his size allows him to be more of a role model for his young fans that come to his shows. He keeps his dark black hair just above shoulder length, and his frame is far more lithe than the average halfling. Unlike most halflings, he does not seem to care as much for food, mostly due to his poor upbringing. His circus outfit is fairly simple and made from brown cloth. He’s never found without his pair of leather gloves (a gift from his grandfather) and his worn out leather work boots.

Raul "The Flying Squirrel"

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